Empty Shell

Paper bound to an empty shell walking through life A living hell. draped around a darkened mind, If only to turn back the hands of time. The minds chatter night and day faceless body A soulless plight, thoughts and emotions jotted down while a heart cries tears of blood. Fading sliding off the page into … More Empty Shell


Luxurious pearls draping her polished skin how they glisten in the moonlight Reflecting her lines, her curves. Those rare droplets of natures beauty beautifully tangled through her fingertips. Thoughts of his luscious lips softly brushing over her body Igniting passion his touch his breath against her neck Searing lustful wants sweeping throughout her mind. Pic … More Pearls

Broken Wings

A lover of words I’ve fallen into darkness my wings broken torn I cant fly drenched in tears of sadness dripping in ink I pluck a feather, Willing the words to appear on paper, Id write my every emotion I feel for you Across the velvet night sky Shining brighter than the moon and stars … More Broken Wings


She possesses a touch that enchants his mind. Her fingertips caressing her black silken lace clinging to her curves her lines An exploration every inch of sin on skin. He watches he listens He sits in his chair his mind her body Bewitched She is fully aware the slightest sigh as her hands glide over … More Bewitched


She took him by the hand they walked they talked, smiled and laughed. Her voice soft as silk whispering enchantments luring him in with every word she uttered. Into a world he had never encountered before Full of new and enticing fear breaking adventures. She has him right where she wanted him from the start. … More Astray

Shadow Voices

Web of grief consuming her thoughts half empty bottle of whisky dangling in her fingertips, arm hanging off the side of the bed. Her mind has turned into a pool of mush assumptions confusion allegations a black pit of fuck it is forming, that is what she is becoming. Carrying to much bullshit on her shoulders for far … More Shadow Voices

Night Jasmine

The scent that keeps me company sitting on my balcony steps looking up at the moon sipping my coffee every evening as thoughts escape my mind float into outta space No need to utter a word nor a fake smile on my face I look towards the dark deep sky for guidance just a trace … More Night Jasmine