Darkened Halls

Our demons fought With each others In the darkened halls We allowed then to escape Claws scratching inflicting pain Jaws filled with angry teeth Words spilt like blood slicing deep  An eerie silence all that remains.

Broken Wings

A lover of words I’ve fallen into darkness my wings broken torn I cant fly drenched in tears of sadness dripping in ink I pluck a feather, Willing the words to appear on paper, Id write my every emotion I feel for you Across the velvet night sky Shining brighter than the moon and stars … More Broken Wings


Congealed remnants of gore stuck between Blades of the bandsaw as it locks up, She tries to start it churning bone fragments, smoke starts to pour out. She yells out in a rage of frustration flipping the switch to off as she swears kicking the side of the big ole box freezer against the wall … More Wait