April 2018

That first moment mother and baby’s eyes make contact …Breathtaking…                                                                                 ___ Wrapped in his warmth alas, at dawn she feels cold… — In the beginning without a care in the world together swimming through time Dressed with flames in their hearts They share a quiet peace Until The sky became restless drenching her with … More April 2018


Written March 2018 A Trembling hand Guides broken roses Fragile hearts hiding Behind a mask of smiles The pain, the thorns A cage of tears unlocked Fear dissolving Released onto paper Bleeding emotions. * Vanishing distance Echoing chaos Mist gathers Amongst silent Thoughts Bridges burnt Forgotten Used. * Formidable Words of wrath Cutting through paper … More March2018


Written February 2018 Feet dangling Over the edge She snapped Something Deep within Her madness That mayhem She took hold of Gripping her pen Fingertips worn To the bone Blood dripping ink Pages scattered Darkness Coming to the end Reclaiming her light. * A hint of madness A touch of pain An elusive muse Could … More February2018


Written January 2018 Left with words On torn pages Drowning in tears With no life jacket Ripped souls apart Clutching at yesterdays bliss Splashes of crimson ink Intrusted by the pen The fear slicing like a knife Bleeding emotions wasn’t enough. * Soaring whispers Pulsate though Her veins A universe of moonlit dreams The stars begin … More January2018


Written December 2017 Her broken wings Didn’t stop her They made her strong A lost angel Some may assume Finding heaven in her Own living hell She rose above She bloomed. * The Folds in time Like a book With blank pages Waiting to be filled Lonely for ink What’s on the next page after … More December2017


Written November 2017 Their love a kiln burning bright & hot clay they mold together memories in the making never to be forgot. * A brief moment ls all it took To be brave To risk it all Bereft Staring at the moon She sits Waiting to see A falling star For One final.. That … More November2017


Written October 2017 Haunted Nights Turning into Hollow days Drifting shadows As sunlight fades. * Haunt my mind Cherish my soul Ravish my body Love me whole. * Howling winds Branches scratching windows Screams of clawing silence Mind wanders Hidden under covered Scared. * The strongest Of hearts Will always beat Through turmoil & tribulations … More October2017