April 2018

That first moment
mother and baby’s
eyes make contact


Wrapped in his warmth
alas, at dawn she feels cold…

In the beginning
without a care in the world
together swimming through time
Dressed with flames in their hearts
They share a quiet peace
The sky became restless drenching
her with the sting of the honeybee
truth became a bitter after taste
an artificial sweetener…

A restless sky
hidden deep
behind her blue eyes…

Her naked skin
hidden beneath
moonlights glow
dark promises
teeming from within
late night confessions
whispered as fingertips
caress skin
lip biting sighs
as hips begin to rise
a loss of inhibitions
a slight cheeky grin…

He walks amongst the clouds
Reflecting off of a flawless sky
The aftermath of the heavens opening
He strolls along in deep thought
He the earthbound angel
with a golden heart
& saddened eyes…

An obstruction
twisting her
Severed heart
At first light
She opens a
medical kit
wanting to mend
A broken bottle
lay within…

The night sky caresses her body
with the warmth of a summers breeze
Starlight reflects off of her skin
as the moon whispers
“bonsoir jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons”
She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep…

Her arms tucked under pillow
Knee slightly bent laying on her side
He watches as she sleeps in awe
Her curved flesh illuminated
By the flicker of a single candle
His lips brush over her
Streachmarked beauty
She his Queen a tigress
She awakens with a smile…

A quiet peace
comes over her
listening to the waves
softly caressing
the shoreline at dusk
Her little slice of paradise
she is lost in thought
of you…

Seemingly innocent eyes
Dressed to seduce…

Words to silence
Bones aching deep
Razor blades of dread
Slicing throughout the mind
Eyes begin to sting
Sleepless nights a pattern
The beginning
Of the end…

She stood steadfast
Her resilience
firm unbreakable
The brilliance of her strength
Flows like a raging river

The departure of light
flickers in her eyes
as twilight daydreams
becoming shades
of nightmares…

Magic of language
Words electrically charged
A Magnet, a force…

As darkness falls the
moon soft glow kissing
The blooms of
cherry blossoms
as they swaying
in the breeze
while she is left
wondering about you…

Emotionless shadows
drifting apart
as the centre lines
overlap the engine
roars tires screeching
around every bend
breaks grinding
along the road
with no end…

Her body painted
In his sweat
Her teeth retract
From his flesh

She glides her tongue
over her luscious lips
Tasting the dripping scarlet
from his veins…
She possesses
a wicked imagination
and an untamed soul
Her wild heart
takes satisfaction
devouring every sinful want and need…

A universe of magic
An undiscovered
constellation in her heart
Her dreams reaching heights
Beyond the darkness
Fingers extended
She gazes upon
a twinkling sky
As she holds
worlds of wonder
in her palms…


A complex jigsaw
With that one piece missing.

Its name is Lust
Just a thief of hearts
Stealing away
The blissful oasis of love
Now the
meaningless emotionless
numbers run rampant
this the world we live in…

His truant heart
awakening to a spark of light
Slowly it becomes a glow

Ever present the sweetness
of her words whispered from the heart

The soft surrender
from a cold darkness
Illuminated with the warmth of love…
She’s wandering aimlessly
throughout this life…
Words express
A hidden warmth…

Her eyes glassy,
another sleepless night.
Darkness is her weakness…

We often scale
our emotions down
due to fear/uncertainty…

Moonlight reflecting off of
crushed quartz under foot
She walks alone in darkness
Every step forwards the unknown
Where to go from here, Will luck find me?
She asks the moon looking up through
Thick braches shadowing the light
Or just another fork in this faded road
Called life
His warmth the depth
behind those eyes of his
she feels them
ravishing her lines
her curves
tracing her entire body
Bringing forth the rose
Hidden in the darkness…
Lifes ballad singing its song
through the pages of time…

Waves crashing against
the paradox of fate
She navigates her thoughts
searching the horizon night & day
For the meaning to life’s tribulations
So delicately the soft sea whispers
“You can do it, ride out the storm”
The melody coming to life
on the midnight breeze
whispering natures music
through the grass
She lays back
looking up
into the darkness
Freckled with stars
A puzzled mind drifting
on clouds of thought…
Muted waters caress the
jagged rocks of thought,
Shaping the mind
Turning the key opening doors
with a twist of thinkers
tapping their pens against paper
scribbling writing painting reading
an enchanted world
coming to life…


Her ravishing beauty
Exposed within darkness

Eyes met,
her slight cheeky little grin
drew him in…

His lips brushing
over her neck
warmth of his breath
her body begins to quiver
as he whispers with kisses
Along her shoulder
all his wants, his needs
His undeniable truths
Fingertips gliding
along her soft skin…

Take me higher
balance me on the edge
of this life’s cursed storms
Push me beyond my limits
break me out of this harden shell
til this stone heart of mine blooms
rising into a fragrant rose
you hold tightly in your hand…
It’s did it’s done
Arms reaching out in darkness
looking for the sun
A new day begins
We have zero reason
Not to chase our dreams
Each one of us
Taking down notes
Ideas we create resonate
Becoming reality
As life flows against the stream…


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