Written March 2018

A Trembling hand
Guides broken roses
Fragile hearts hiding
Behind a mask of smiles
The pain, the thorns
A cage of tears unlocked
Fear dissolving
Released onto paper
Bleeding emotions.


Vanishing distance
Echoing chaos
Mist gathers
Amongst silent
Bridges burnt


Words of wrath
Cutting through paper
Inked pain stained.


She sits by waters edge
Summers warmth bathing
Her curves her lines caressed
The last of the days heat
Kissing the softness of her skin
As twilight
Slowly undresses the sky
The curtain of night.

Begins to fall.


Your rebellious nature
Heart as big as the moon
Hidden in darkness
Shrouded in gloom
You wait, for tides to turn
Howling at the universe
Wanting to return home.


Deck of cards spill into the ocean
The Joker and Queen of hearts
Encapsulated by the moon and sun
Tides eclipsed together they are one.


He speaks words
That captures the soul
A breath of fresh air
Igniting flames
In a world so dark.


A fiery attitude
Sprinkled with
A rare sensitivity
He her calm
She his storm.


I just seen a shooting star
Its fading from sight
Back into that darkness
Is that you.



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