Night Jasmine

The scent that keeps me company
sitting on my balcony steps
looking up at the moon
sipping my coffee every evening
as thoughts escape my mind
float into outta space
No need to utter a word
nor a fake smile on my face
I look towards the dark deep sky
for guidance just a trace
a shooting star might fade
<into nothingness
just as some love do
a soft cold breeze
may wonder through
I take it as a slight
acknowledgement from above
Gods way for telling me heads up kid
you know that you are loved
hold on tight you will get though this
you are stronger than you know
it wont take to long you will
get back your glow
holding the sides of my warm mug
I raise it to my lips
cherish ever moment as I take a sip
the silence all around me such beauty
and such bliss
the tiny white flowers alive
so fragrant so calming
I wish I could still my mind
like the Night Jasmine
alone in the darkness every night
full of life and stillness
graceful as can be
why can’t I be like the Night Jasmin
sitting here with me.