Congealed remnants of gore stuck between
Blades of the bandsaw as it locks up, She tries to start it churning bone fragments, smoke starts to pour out. She yells out in a rage of frustration flipping the switch to off as she swears kicking the side of the big ole box freezer against the wall of the shed. Her son hears her going off and pushes open the shed doors. “What the fuck are you yelling about woman?!”. She points to the maggot infected bandsaw screaming “clean the shit up son, I’ve got bodies piling up waiting to be hacked to pieces! Where the hell am I suppose to put them? Call the fuckin Plumber the drains are overflowing and make it snappy!, One plumber in the whole town I hope he isn’t busy today” She stomps off slamming the backdoor behind her, shoeing flies away with her glove covered hands from her filthy strained dress dotted with human remains, her matted hair pulled back in a banana clip. She’s a sight for sore eyes this one let me tell ya. Bodies whole rotting piled three high, flesh splinted bone hair clogged drains a putrid stench. The son takes the garden hose and shoots it at the bandsaw like something out of star wars light saber type shit. Trying to get rid of as many maggots as possible washing them onto the grass beside the shed, before the good ole plumber gets there.

The plumber arrives a few moments after. The son gets rid of the rice looking creepy crawlies well enough to be out of sight anyways. tool box in hand cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth. He walks through the side gate raising his hand to his nose the stench of death thick, nodding his head saying “G’day mate you called what’s goin on here? what’s that fuckin smell?”. The son raises his hand after dropping the hose on the grass, wiping the water off his hands onto his jeans, shaking the plumbers hand. Replying “oh mate just killed a few pigs last night. Me and mum been carving em up ready for the freezer and noticed the drains are fucked, Can ya fit it?.” The plumber knows the smell isn’t pigs being carved up, smells more like roadkill days old roadkill at that.” Some kinda fucked up shits going on here”  he thinks to himself. He takes a look at the grates over flowing with a yellow fatty looking substance covered in flies floating on the top of the overflowing water and god knows what else. “Yep ill flush your pipes with my electric eel.” He catches a glimpse inside the shed as he unrolls the lengths of hose for the eel, “What the actual fuck?!” He thinks to himself, “Was that a pile of blood covered clothes in the corner?”, as he tries to take a better look. “I gotta get the fuck outta here A.S.A.P!!”

The son slams the doors on the shed close. Leaning up against them with his back. Nervously the plumber walks to his ute starts up the generator on the back tray, walks back to the grates and starts to push the eel down through the nasty transparent reddish brown gel like shit seeping out of the top. He starts to clears the pipes the smell making him heave.. “Ok mate all done” he yells out. As he pulls his eel out of the pipes rolling it up again wanting to get off the property with a quickness.. The woman sticks her head out the back door, all dolled up hair wet pulled back in a ponytail make up freshly applied, looking half descent. “You want a cuppa before you go?” The plumber rolling up the eel as quick as he can shakes his head politely in a loudish voice replies “nah thanks I’m right. I have another job after this before I knock off for the day” I need to get my ass in gear he thinks to himself.. He knows they aren’t pigs but he keeps telling himself it isn’t his business just get the hell out of there. He knows the smell of pigs fresh killed or a few days old, he takes his dogs out pig hunting on the weekends in the local forestry, and that ain’t no smell of pigs domestic or feral. The woman kicks open the screen door with a tray in her hands ” ohh c’mon now, you have to have a quick cuppa with us.” She tells the plumber. He gives in thinking “ok what she gonna do with a cuppa joe? fuck it I feel like a coffee now” he thinks to himself. He says “right ill have a quick one with ya.”

 Her son watches on anxiously, she sets the tray down on a milk crate and lifts a mug to hand it to the plumber, her son looks at the plumbers hands reaching for the mug. And starts to mumble as he paces back and forth a few steps. in a type of rocking motion.. “No-no-no-no-no” He says knocking the mug out of the plumbers hands. Just as he grips the handle.. His mother yells “what the bloody hell did you do that for son!?” The son wets his pants and starts to sob. The plumber doesn’t know what to do, he stands silent for a few seconds his heart pounding in his chest, wondering what he should do. The woman says “just wait ill make you a fresh one, wont be a minute, Just wait” With this she looks at her son with the look of hell in her eyes. She walks off towards the house, her son says to the plumber ” go get the fuck outta here or you’ll end up on the pile” The plumber looks at the boy no more than 17 years old if that, and says “what the fuck is she doing in the shed and what pile what are you mumbling on about?” The boy answers “she is getting the sausages ready for the winter.” The what? the plumber asks. “The sausages that’s what she calls them. She drives around town looking for the drunks at about 4am on the weekends passed out in the parks and streets, and makes me help her put them in the boot of the car. She unloads them up here, He points to the driveway. And she hits them in the head with a cow prod she says its painless, but I’ve seen them open their eyes wide like, real wide the whites of their eyes turn red or black some times, then she makes sausages. she chops em up and after a few days puts them through the mincer.”

With this statement the plumber grabs his stuff and makes a B line for his ute. The woman walks out the backdoor “where are you going in a hurry mate? you don’t want your coffee now?”.  “I have to go thanks anyways” the plumber replies his voice shaking “well love you need to be paid come give me the bill for the service.” the woman says. Nah this ones on the house I gotta go, The plumber looks at the son, he is biting his nails looking at the ground piss covered jeans and all. Just wait the woman says, “ill grab you something for your trouble, I make some mean ass home made spicy sausage all different types some seasoned with whiskey some beer. That can be the payment for your work rendered well until my drains clog up again, then ill make sure to give you exactly what you need.” She laughs looking at the shed doors and her son.

With this, the plumber was out of there until the drains clogs again..

Pic – Google ( unknown)


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