Poems written in August 2017

You are
the constellations
that guide me
On the darkest
of nights
lighting the way
For you, I would
my last breath.


Sky alight moon shining bright
Dreaming day & night distant star
We wish to hear our plight
Make this world right.


Hands touching
A gentle kiss
The feeling of love
Caressing bliss
That’s what matters.


Here’s to the crazy ones
That dare to dream
Outside the box
Of the mainstream
We aren’t the crazy
We are the free.


Frail is the bones
Piercing the skin
Blood curdling
She held within.


Maybe today
they share
caressing hugs
a loving kiss
Or it may be
their final embrace
Clotho Lachesis & Atropos
will see to this.


Extreme forces
Trying to hold it back
The ultimate goal
Change & equality
Absolute unconditional


He kept her hidden
A shadow without name
Concealed from the world
She stepped out
From behind the curtain
And boy did she shine.


Skipping stones at dusk
Orange pinks & blue
Paint a dreamy sky
Lush foliage silhouette
The river’s edge stillness.




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