Home Sweet Home.

I reach the last step up out of the subway damn steps are hell on the feet so steep, I light a cigarette start my journey home as I walk I start thinking to myself how not impressed I was asked to stay back and work the late shift the asshole could have asked anyone why me?. Prick does it with a sarcastic smile just to piss me off that little bit more knowing that I need the extra cash fucking control freak he is. Hmm, must have rained tonight I thought to myself as my feet sinks into the grass. Wish I brought my trainer’s my feet are so sore and fucking wet now. Reflection of an orange smudged glow from the cheap plastic street lights fill the air the fog is thick tonight spooky looking even.
I keep walking picking up my pace I want to get home and take off this damn dress and heels, rusted decrepit gates make a slight haunting whisper as the wind begins to pick up. I pass by homes that look so different in the darkness of night completely different look in daylight many not lived in for years, tin sheets peeling off the roof flapping in the wind I pick up my pace more the swirling wind icy starts to take my breath
I hunch my shoulders and sink my chin into my chest trying to keep warm and the wind chill off my face.

I see my porch light in the distance relief I say to myself not far now, strange seems no one’s home
I look at my phone the time’s 11:30 pm, As I reach into my handbag fiddling around to
find my house keys I hear our neighbours dog barking crazy a daily occurrence I yell SHUT THE FUCK UP damn dog barks none stop.
I walk up to the front door pick up the mail that’s left on the chair right beside the door entrance, I unlock the door and foul odour
a smell a strange smell, not something I’ve ever smelt before pours out of the door yuck what the fuck has she been cooking I think to myself,
I call out to my flatmate Nicole are u here Nicole. No response while covering my face from the vile stench that seems to me roaming
throughout the whole house, I switch the kitchen light on, place my bag on the table nearly knocking over a vase Nicole
I say again thinking maybe she is using the bathroom, still nothing she must have gone out oh well.
I fill the jug with water and flip the switch and prepare to make myself a coffee once I have the coffee
sugar and milk in my mug ready for my brew I open the window trying to air out this damn smell,
I pick up a can of air freshener that’s sitting on top of the fridge I start spraying it in the kitchen hallway and a few quick little puffs in the rubbish bin. Just as I am about to put the air freshener back on top of the fridge the jug clicks off
I pour the boiling hot water into my mug and sit down at the table pulling my handbag towards me to get my cigarette pack out and lighter. I place them on the table next to my steaming hot coffee, I grab my handbag and drop it on the floor being extra careful not to touch the vase, I see something out of the corner of my eye as I take my first sip of coffee I turn nothing there probably
car lights reflecting off the mirror in the hallway and I caught a glimpse of that. I really need sleep why the hell am I drinking coffee at this time looking up at the wall clock noticing that its midnight as
I put my mug down I pull out a chair across from me with my right foot raise both my legs and lean them on the seat padding kicking off my heels and stretch out my legs. Wonder what she cooked that can smell that bad
I look at the stove no pots or pans on the elements. Nothing in the sink to be washed that’s strange. Enjoying my coffee with a cigarette I cant handle this smell the air freshener had no effect at all
I rinse my mug out and place it upside down on the side of the sink leave the ash tray on the table
and head down the hallway into the bathroom I flick the light on as I walk in turn the hot and cold water test
it with my hand so I get the right temperature that I want to sprinkle some sea salt in the bath and dunk my legs in as I rest my bottom on the side of the bath the warm water send chills up my spine I sit there for a good 10 or so minutes until the throbbing seems to ease in my feet .
I pull the plug out of the bath the water rushes down the drain as I dry my legs, as I’m bending down I see what looks like a shadow in the hallway I’m startled I drop the towel and say Hello Nicole are you home.
Nothing no answer I walk out into the hallway puzzled look on my face and now I’m getting scared I head for the
kitchen so I can get my phone out of my bag .. I’m sure I left my bag on the floor next to the table where is it my bags
no, where to be found I grab the landline cordless phone and start walking room to room turning on all the lights as I go the last room I come to is Nicole’s room I don’t really like going into her room we like to keep our bedrooms private
But I want to be sure no one is in the house so I open the door and flick on the light. I scream a blood-curdling scream Nicole oh my god Nicole!!
as I yell I drop the phone on the floor She is sprawled out on the floor naked intestines hanging out of her, congealed blood all over the ceiling,
walls it’s everywhere dripping like sap from a tree down the walls I pick up the phone hands dripping in blood I’m shaking I have to focus what do I do.
What do I do, blood has soaked into the rug that I’m standing on my feet are covered its like silly putty in between my toes. I walk back into the hallway
while dialling police still transfixed on her face I don’t want to look at her body. Hello, this is the police how can I help you, I would like to report a murder,
the woman on the other end says state your address and nearest crossroad please and stay on the line do not hang up. My cell phone starts to ring
I can hear it in the kitchen I walk up the hallway looking for my bag cant see it anywhere, I notice my phone screen light on the side of the sink next to my coffee mug
I pick it up answering fumbling with the other phone now sitting on the benchtop next to me Hello I say crying and sobbing into the phone I hear a strange voice your
next, I hang up looking at the screen private number so I had no way of finding out who it was I hear sirens in the distance I head for the porch I don’t want to be inside
the house I don’t want to be anywhere near this house! my friend is gone who would do such a thing she was such a sweet loving person who would want to hurt her
let alone this evilness. Police car doors slam close police approach the front door hand on holster are you, Louise ?  I respond yes I am, as I point towards
Nicole’s room she is in there my hands still covered in blood two officers escort me into the driveway and ask me to wait here. A female officer approaches me,
Hello Louise smiles at me as she ruffles a blue A4 size package in her hands she is wearing plastic gloves she tears open the package and says Louise you need to wear
these overall’s over your clothing now do the right thing and put it on, I take the overall’s from her.  She asks me to sit in the backseat of one of the police cars handing me a burning cigarette,
I crouch down and lean on the fence instead…
she flips open a little book and reaches for a silver pen from her breast pocket bending down in front of me your full name please and address
Louise, I give her my name and address looking at her in a confused way she knows my name she just said it thinking to myself she is at my house
I take a drag of the cigarette  then she asks me where I was earlier this evening I tell her I worked a double shift today didn’t get home until nearly midnight,
she asks for my bosses phone number I give it to her .. she looks at me strangely and stands up dialling the number she returns she places her hand on my shoulder and says honey can you do me a favour
I reply yes of course what is it?.. she winks at the other officer that’s leaning on the side of the car he stands up straight and approaches me put your hands behind your back this is just for safety precautions
I flick the cigarette on the grass and put my hands behind my back click click the cuffs are tight on my wrists.
I say to the female officer I need to call her parents and let them know what’s happened.
She said you just need to relax take a deep breath a white sedan pulls up in my driveway a Dr familiar face cant think of her name
approaches she says what have you done what have you done, as she jabs take the cap of a needle and jab’s me in my arm
I start to fade I hear them speaking the police officer saying Dr she is confused she thinks she was at work and that she lives here she doesn’t remember anything she blacked out.
The Dr replies three people are dead.


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