I see an elderly woman sitting on her porch rocking back and forth.I approach her with great caution her age she seems frail Excuse me, madam, i say smiling at her she turns her head as if she has heard me but can’t see where I am, I take a few steps closer hello madam, can you see me… She gasps and adjusts her glasses you know the old fashion kind with the black frames reminds me of buddy holly.. anyways, she looks as puzzled as the young boy earlier. although at least she can
hear me a thought crosses my mind she may be near blind by the lenses in her glasses its very possible, I walk up her steps making a little more noise and again politely say excuse me madam I would like to ask you if I may.. how far away I am from Haris Park train station? with this, the elderly woman replies dear I cant seem to see where you are squinting looking well in my direction .. I place my hand on her hand that is leaning on the rocking chairs arm. Here I am dear I reply she finches.. your hand is very cold she mutters.
I have had a bad evening I don’t seem to know where I am.. would it be possible to use your mobile phone? Oh dear, she replies. I don’t have one of those gadgets I only have a land line I think you young people call it these days.
I was pleased that she was speaking to me. I proceeded to ask would it be ok to make a call to my mother, she stood up leaning to one side reaching for a walking stick next to the rocking chair. Ok dear, come on inside I’ll show you where it is.. walking with a slight limp on her right side.
she opened the screen door and made her way down a well lite hallway the wall covered with photographs of what I can imagine being family members from many different eras some grey tone some full colour some very faded. I would think to the sunlight that hit them through the window shining on the picture.
beautiful all the same..the elderly woman pointed to an old wall phone I remember my parents had one when I was a child the cord like a ringlet that never ends twisty and springy I use to run the past and get my hair caught in it at home.
I pick up the phone handset and start dialling my parent’s phone number. no ringtone electronic voice saying”this number is not connected” That can’t be right I say to myself I press down on the little gadget to end the call you know it looks like a hook anyways. I redial the number paying more attention that the first time i called
the same thing happens “this number is not connected” the elderly lady standing not far from me asks am I ok dear. I reply i don’t seem to be able to get through to my parents. Oh dear she replies .. might they be in the garden or out of ears reach.. come, dear, she says try again in a little while .. and she motions towards a sitting room we shall have some tea while you wait.. I try to explain that the phone is saying it is not connected but she won’t take no for an answer.. it is ok dear tea honey or sugar. I prefer honey myself.. but I have sugar cubes if u prefer..
Such a sweet lady and very welcoming. How could I say no to her hospitality.. it would not only be rude.. but also what else am I going to do. I’m lost hurting my eye feels like it’s ready to jump out of its socket from this pain.
I’ll have sugar I replied to the nice elderly lady.. she put the kettle on the gas stove and presses the ignition button to start the flame.. she sits at the table and says to me are ýou sitting down dear.. realising she still has no idea where I am standing.
Ohh no I’m maám standing .. she chuckles and says well sit dear sit. I pull out a chair solid wooden looks like cedar beautiful dining sweet I must say.. and sit .. the kettle whistles and I offer to make the tea for her it’s the least I could do…
the elderly woman replies with a No-No dear you are my guest I will pour you a tea.. she proceeds to add a large scoop of tea leaves into a beautifully decorated silver teapot and fill it with boiling water..places them on a tray along with two tea cups and saucers, and brings them to the table.
while having our cup of tea we chat about the photographs in the hallway I was admiring as I walking by, she explains to me how many are from her deceased husband’s family a few from her side of the family but she has no one left. I felt bad for her when she was telling me this.
that she was alone such a lovely woman. I asked does she have friends that visit or call her to make sure she is ok .. she sighed, no dear a lot of people find me quite odd. I was shocked by this statement.
Odd I said. I don’t think you’re odd at all I think your a charming hostess and a lovely person.. she smiled and replied well on thankyou my dear you are very kind to say such a sweet thing.
I wanted to know more about this lovely lady so sweet and a good soul .. I didn’t know how to approach the question. so I fumbled around in my mind how to bring it up without directly saying so how are u odd.. that wouldn’t be polite at all.

I went on chatting, asking her about how long she had lived in this house, it seems to be of victorian era.. the decor the wood the floor boards even the wall scones.. it seemed very much like I had been taken back in time authentic, not a replica.
She went on to tell me the home had been passed down generation to generation for many many years. I found this enchanting. Not many families these days would do that.. too worried about money the quick sell fill their pockets just to find them empty the next day.
anyway she went on to tell me she had use to have a dear friend that would visit every Monday they would have brunch together and remains of old times and play a game of cards was a routine they had.. she seems very happy while telling me this story.. Until
she got to the part where her friend has just stop coming a few months ago…. she went on to say she tried to phone her friend and the number was disconnected.. Then it occurred to me. maybe the elderly woman hadn’t paid her bill, and the phone was not connected.
I sat listing to her tell me about her dear friend that seem to just stop coming to visit .. they sounded very close. I wondered even if the phone was having issues why this friend wouldn’t drop in check on her anyway. I know if I couldn’t contact a friend I would make the effort to make sure they are ok.. health wise all at that delicate stage in life one never knows what is around the corner. Just as the elderly woman was placing the saucers and tea cups back on the tray. I hear footsteps approaching the front door this felt strange to me.. after all, my hostess had just finished telling me she doesn’t receive visitors.
she seemed to ignore the sounds coming from outside and they were loud rustling of shopping bags the sound of two or three voices talking about chocolate and sprinkles and laughing.
the screen door opened I was amazed. I said to the elderly lady who is these people? that are walking in your home talking amongst themselves as if they own it… she replies as she hobbles over to the sink placing the tray on the side.
sorry dear I don’t know what you mean.. are you sure you can hear people I was amazed shocked I said yes.. yes you don’t hear them you can’t see them.. the woman carrying the shopping bags placed them on the floor next to the refrigerator
not even muttering a word no hello no hello to the elderly woman nothing this was so rude I thought to myself, a younger woman I’d say nineteen maybe twenty was in the hallway taking off her sandals, and a
small boy carrying a cat sitting on the floor just next to the faded photograph that was hanging on the wall..
I walked over to the elderly woman and asked why cant you see them? how come they can not see us? what’s happening.
The younger girl she had a mobile phone I approached her. I so wanted to get home have a shower and find out what the hell
happen last night why I ended up scrapped up with nothing, not even my shoes.
I wanted this to end I just wanted to go home. I walked up to the girl hello would I be able to use your phone she walked straight past me. The little boy sitting on the floor playing with the cat.
He looked up at me and said she can’t hear you lady and neither can my mommy, they can’t see you either or the old lady. and he kept playing with the cats tail pushing it up in the air so the cat would play with him…
I said, little boy, what do you mean? He chuckled while telling me no one can see you but me and my cat.

The elderly lady sat at the table twiddling her thumbs I started to feel like I was in some kind of nightmare. I felt the need of urgency to know what the hell was going on here. why could the elderly woman hear me but not see me? why are these ladies going on about their day like I don’t exist?
I’m loosing my mind, I feel a rush of energy come over me I bang my hand down on the table tell me what’s happening I say to the elderly lady.. the mother packing the grocery away stops what she is doing still she stands not moving.. her son skips past me and says you scared my mommy with that thud ya know,
the mother returns to what she was doing.. I walk after the boy the elderly woman seems to be in a world of her own.. like she is ignoring me. shut down completely. I’m lost confused dazed the pain in my eye won’t go way.
I want answers and this little boy seems to be the only one with answers.. he sits in a big old armchair in the sitting room… making funny faces at me .. I don’t find this amusing what so ever .. I’m not in the mood to play games, I just want to get the hell home. and as quickly as possible.
Little boy, please help me why can you only see me. He went off into his bedroom and closed the door. I was at a loss. The mother she heard me slam on the table I’ll do it again.. see if I get a reaction …

I walked back into the dining area, the mother sitting in the same chair as the elderly woman … smoking a cigarette. Mom her daughter yelled Mom come and look at this. The mother stood up pushing the cigarette down to distinguish it in the ashtray and walked into the sitting room on the tv was a
story about a woman in her early 30’s her body had been found dumped on the same street they live on the night before. No suspects woman unknown no belongings were found.

my heart sank the woman on the news story was my friend .. she had been found murdered, I let out an almighty scream the boy ran and clinched onto his mother’s leg the cat hissed with its back arched hair standing on end.
I was so angry I felt stuck I felt invisible to the world. I hated this feeling. I wanted to leave I headed for the front door.. the old woman stood firm in front of me. you can’t leave I tried to pass her she let out a grown.. a growl she saw me she always saw me.
and she lured me in like a lost sheep.