Room 21


She enter the dimly lit hotel room, not knowing what to expect.
He’s wearing black business pants a white shirt red tie black jacket.
Her sheer black button down dress shows every single curve as she stands in front of a four seater dining table,  a lamp in the center also a bottle of champagne.
She walking towards the bed, he grabbed her from behind.
There is a gasp and he place his hand over her mouth to muffle her voice.
He then whisper in her ear, “I want to make love to you.”
As he feels her body relax melting into him, he release her and places a blindfold he had in his pocket over her eyes, and ties it behind her head.
He slowly starts to unbutton her dress her breathing becomes more rapid. She brushes her tongue over her lips.
He remove her dress while running his fingers over her neck down to her navel and back up. while her stands now only in only her bra and heels,
He places her hands behind her back taking his red tie off with one hand he ties her hands together.
For the next couple of hours she is his to pleasure.
He slides his hand down over her thigh moving slowly between her legs, softly caressing her he can feel her warmth her wetness.
His other hand he slips of her heels one by one, then he unbuckle’s her bra, her body now completely exposed.
He’s standing there looking at her lines, her curves she stands still running her tongue across her lips wondering what is to come.
Minutes pass while she stands alone naked her heart rate rising, then there is a slight push from him he leads her towards the table
bending her over the back of one of the chairs.
She feel’s the warmth of his hands pressing her lower back as he glide them towards her waist,
hooking his fingers around the red tie he pulls it in a downward motion, while biting and kissing her neck and shoulders.
A loud moan escapes her as he glides his tongue down the middle of her spine just before she feel’s her body quiver.
Suddenly, he stops.
After a few moments, she feel’s a wet substance what she believes to be champagne drizzled over her neck and down between her breasts, he begins to kiss and lick it from her warm flesh caressing her breasts tracing her nipples with his fingertips as he does.
He asks her, “Would you like to taste?” There is a nod and he stands her upright cupping my breasts with his warm hands kissing her softy biting her lip,
champagne swirling in their mouths. As they embrace he slides his hands around her, this time she is facing him. He caresses her body with
a flower teasing her sliding the petals over her silky softness asking does she want more in a low seductive voice, the sensation takes her by surprise the sound of his voice. She wants him desperately,
she is painfully aware of her vulnerability as is he, trying to find something, anything to hold onto to take her mind off the desire searing through her he had awaken.
He whispers in her ear what he wants to do with and to her, his words are almost too much she lets out the slightest sigh..
The teasing continues she can feel him hard pressed up against her through his pants as he pulls her in tight,
He holds her firm as she melts onto his arms. He lays her gently on her back over on the bed with her arms above her head and admire her once again.
He starts to remove his clothes, he lights a candle that’s sitting on the side table the aroma of honey fills the air.
Dripping the melted wax on her stomach there is an unpredicted feeling that comes over her,
not of pain, of pleasure, he removes his last item of clothing he tells her he also is in total nakedness now.
He kneels and begin kissing her naval working his way around her body where he dripped the wax then way down lower.
Soft moans fill the room then one by one he put her legs over his shoulders as he finally enters her. She lets out a gasp, breathing faster,
and then he drives himself deep inside her as her thighs tighten and he keeps going again and again.
Wave after wave of pure ecstasy takes them both over..
There is a shudder and he pull back as her legs tremble desperately to keep him there.
Then he thrust back in her burying himself deeper into her once more.
Screams of pleasure resonate from her, her arms wrapped around his neck still tied. He thrusts harder than begins to slow,
the inevitable happens as her thighs raise forward and her ankles pushing down into his back locking him into place just before
they were both climaxing he lets out a moan and starts to shiver dropping himself on top of her, her impending orgasm subsides. .
He sensuality kisses her and unties her hands and raises the blind fold, he release her and there eyes meet for the first time.
They give a lustful smile to each other, He kisses her deeply, passionately just before getting dressed and walking out the door.

She will never forget that night in room twenty one…

Pic – Google (unknown)