The reflection in the mirror of a water bottle reminded her of a evenings events not so long ago,
She has replayed it many times over and over in her mind.
the thought of his chestnut-brown eyes surveying her large breasts,
petite waist and thick hips, through a sheer citron gown, her flowing cherry red hair messy braid slightly covering her face.
He approached her with a slight wink and smile. She had only known him for a few seconds, but every word, movement was
imprinted upon her brain as though she had known him a life time. Slightly biting her bottom lip running her finger across the top
of a champagne glass she uttered the word hello. he was gazing out of the window, at the tree’s lite up with fairy lights over her bare
shoulder, he received a phone call. she strained to listen hoping he wasnt going to leave, be called away. Unaware of the burning
desire searing through her he had awaken. She wanted him so badly, although she knew that she could not. Instead, she would live
out her deepest fantasy in her mind.
Painfully aware of her vulnerability, she started to walk away. She could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck,
As he placed his hand in hers. A stillness over come her as she led him to her appartement, she longed for him to touch her,
arousal slowly replaced her fear. They entered the door it wasnt long before they began kissing,  gently biting her neck, his soft,
confident movements set in motion a spontaneous response from her body, His forefinger softly caress her nipples,
fear and anticipation coursed through her. as she pushed herself against him wanting yearning for more, both of them it seemed,
the passion was too great to resist his movements were slow and sensual. Her body responding to the sheer eroticism of fulfilling
her fantasy. Catching her off guard, he pushed her gently back against the bed. The passion was too great to resist,
it was just moments before they were both climaxing, giving themselves entirely to the sheer pleasure of that moment waves of pleasure
began to pulsate through her body. To experience such intense pleasure she has never known, Moving his attention back to her
luscious lips he kissed her once more and sat up.As she reached for a bottle of water next to her bed she heard the door close.
He was gone..