April 2018

That first moment mother and baby’s eyes make contact …Breathtaking…                                                                                 ___ Wrapped in his warmth alas, at dawn she feels cold… — In the beginning without a care in the world together swimming through time Dressed with flames in their hearts They share a quiet peace Until The sky became restless drenching her with … More April 2018


Flashes of lightning day turning to night As the storm rolls in A thunderous haze clouds of doom across the tree line Panic overcomes her Wind rattling the windows Rain pouring down branches screech along the side of the house like nails on a chalkboard.


Its clear nothing will ever be the same between us   I’ve arranged the pieces of my heart differently now   I’ll try to stay strong My smile still unbroken Hiding all the pain. Pic – Google

Brick By Brick

She held on tightly, hoping wishing. Her arms grew tired, her fingertips bleed. Brick by brick walls went up. To hold a dream inside for so long. Every evening, each falling star drowning in moonlight, her tears fell like crystals. Each & every dawn She had to let go. Art – Dé Capélitis

Darkened Halls

Our demons fought With each others In the darkened halls We allowed then to escape Claws scratching inflicting pain Jaws filled with angry teeth Words spilt like blood slicing deep  An eerie silence all that remains.

Another Day.

She sits alone listing to oceans song slight whispering thoughts of times gone Tears trickle down her cheek mixed with saltwater spray dawn hides her heart for another day.


Written March 2018 A Trembling hand Guides broken roses Fragile hearts hiding Behind a mask of smiles The pain, the thorns A cage of tears unlocked Fear dissolving Released onto paper Bleeding emotions. * Vanishing distance Echoing chaos Mist gathers Amongst silent Thoughts Bridges burnt Forgotten Used. * Formidable Words of wrath Cutting through paper … More March2018

Empty Shell

Paper bound to an empty shell walking through life A living hell. draped around a darkened mind, If only to turn back the hands of time. The minds chatter night and day faceless body A soulless plight, thoughts and emotions jotted down while a heart cries tears of blood. Fading sliding off the page into … More Empty Shell


Luxurious pearls draping her polished skin how they glisten in the moonlight Reflecting her lines, her curves. Those rare droplets of natures beauty beautifully tangled through her fingertips. Thoughts of his luscious lips softly brushing over her body Igniting passion his touch his breath against her neck Searing lustful wants sweeping throughout her mind. Pic … More Pearls

Broken Wings

A lover of words I’ve fallen into darkness my wings broken torn I cant fly drenched in tears of sadness dripping in ink I pluck a feather, Willing the words to appear on paper, Id write my every emotion I feel for you Across the velvet night sky Shining brighter than the moon and stars … More Broken Wings